Tyresta National Park Bridge

The development of Alby and Tyresta National Park's entrances creates a unique opportunity to strengthen the connections between the two nature areas and increase accessibility to the valuable natural and cultural landscape. The new entrances must be perceived as clear connections that strengthen the orientation in the nature areas. Together, the entrances create a chain of new meeting places, where the visitors' nature experiences are at the center.

Characteristic of the area are the many classic Swedish wooden houses with saddle roofs. The new identity for the entrances in the form of wooden pavilions creates entrances that are perceived as a naturally integral part of the area, which supports the qualities of the landscape and gives the nature area a clear identity and easily recognizable architecture. The wooden pavilions are designed with traditional Swedish wooden construction and saddle roofs to create entrances that naturally blend into the area and interact with the existing wooden buildings. They highlight the existing character of the nature areas with simple design principles and material choices that can also be used in the future development of the area. The entrance's simple and clear design with visible wooden constructions and large saddle roofs welcomes and guides visitors in all seasons.

Tyresö, Sweden

Pedestrian bridge

Tyresö Municipality

Marcos Garcia Baño

500 m2

Competition entry (2019)

The intention has been to bring together all the features of each entrance area under one roof to create an inviting and social meeting place for visitors of all ages. Under the roof of the pavilions, a space is created for contemplation, the opportunity to get more information about the area and all its hiking trails or just take shelter in case of rain. The open structure makes it possible to access the pavilion from different directions and allows for a wonderful view of the landscape.

Each pavilion is individually designed with regard to each entrance area unique landscape character and activities. The design of the new bridge with associated entrance pavilion connects the northern part of Tyresta National Park with the southern part of Alby National Park and creates a natural meeting place for visitors in the area in the best location with a view of Nyforsviken. The shape of the bridge creates a natural transition to the winding hiking trails in the area.