Fors Arkitekter is an architecture studio based in Copenhagen. The studio was founded with the aim of creating sustainable architecture that brings people, buildings and nature together in a higher unity. The studio gained recognition early on after winning the two-stage competition for the Maatulli School, currently under construction in Helsinki. 

The studio is driven by creating architecture that has a positive impact on people and the environment. We work with the belief that we can create more living and sustainable communities by working with architecture and landscape together across all scales. We always seek to strengthen the relationship between people, architecture and landscape in our projects through the use of sustainable materials, structural systems and spatialities that are able to adapt to the users, the seasons and everyday life. With our architecture, we want to encourage an increased understanding, connectedness and commitment to our surroundings and each other.

We design Buildings, Landscape and Public spaces. We have extensive experience in leading and developing complex building and landscape projects in various scales in the Nordic region. Our work ranges from small pavilions and private houses to large public buildings and spaces. In all our work we are committed to create generous buildings and landscapes that move us, last for generations and are strongly rooted in its context.

Prizes and grants

5. prize, Payerne School, open international competition, 2023
‘Young Generation Prize’, Danish-Swedish Cultural Foundation, 2022
Dreyer Foundation grant programme for new Danish architecture practises, 2022
1. prize, Maatulli School, open international competition, 2021
Rudersdal Architectural Award, 2017
1. prize, Scenery Pavilion, open international competition, 2017
3. prize, King’s Garden Pavilion, open international competition, 2015