Tiny Church

Nordhavn's new tiny church is a beacon for people - a luminous, adaptable and inviting meeting place for both the parish and the local community in the the old fishing harbour in Copenhagen. The fishing harbour is characterized by small self-built houses and intimate alleys. The project wants to preserve and strengthen the unique character of the fishing harbour by creating a social and intimate human scale church adapted to the local environment.

The harbour church is inspired by the concept of a lighthouse as a guiding star that offers security and hope on the voyage and wish to be a place for both faith and community. The church hall faces east, where the lighthouse tower forms the chancel. Elevated windows let the light in and creates an atmosphere of tranquility and reflection. The church hall have direct contact with the landscape via two terraces, which creates transparency and invites to social interaction. The multifunctional church functions as both an indoor and an outdoor meeting place that can adapt to the users needs.

The vision has been to create a sustainable church that builds on the fishing harbour's tradition of building modular and with recycled materials. The building has a burnt wood facade of recycled planks that is natural, durable and give the building a distinctive character. The church hall and niches have wall and roof claddings of recycled light wood. The contrast between the light interior and the dark exteiror reinforces the church's character as a beacon of hope in Nordhavn.

Copenhagen, Denmark



Rebecka Blomqvist

75 m2

Competition entry (2023)