The Co-Living House

The vision for the Co-Living House is to be a sustainable and flexible housing concept that supports the community, both inside and outside the home. In contrast to today’s static floor plans and uniform housing, we believe that the housing of the future needs to be able to adapt to different family constellations, household types and stages of life. In the Co-Living House the apartments have no interior divisions, apart from the apartment partition walls and toilets. The flexible column and beam system shows the many possibilities for subdividing and combining the apartments and each resident decide how they want to arrange and divide the rooms in their home – without walls, mobile walls or fixed walls. The structural system and spaces are dimensioned to fit many different functions such as bedroom, work space, living room and dining area.

The flexible housing system encourages community engagement, various use of the apartments and greater diversity in the housing composition. The open plan makes it possible to develop and change the apartment division, apartment sizes and room layout. The apartments can function as homes for several generations, live-work, families and groups of friends. The sizes of the apartments are optimized and instead compensated with generous outdoor areas that all rooms in the building have access to. The balconies are a natural extension of the apartments, which means that indoors and outdoors are inextricably linked, the rooms feel larger and get more varied use. A community house and allotment gardens on the rooftop promote social interaction and biodiversity. The load-bearing structure is a column and beam system in glulam with deck, roof, stair and lift shafts in CLT. The structure is optimized to reduce the amount of wood in the construction. The spatial arrangement with toilets, stairs, lift and shafts placed at the core of the building stabilizes the construction and enables a flexible division of the apartments and rooms. The Co-Living House is a flexible housing concept that can be adapted to different contexts and needs.

Copenhagen, Denmark



1.150 m2

Idea Competition - Housing concept

Flexible plan layout - 3 scenarios

Apartment configurations