Scenery Pavilion

Scenery Pavilion is the winning proposal of an open architectural competition. The pavilion is currently being exhibited in the gardens of Gl.Holtegaard Art Gallery in Denmark from June 2017 until the end of 2020...

Throughout history the staircase has been an architectural element that allow people to move from one place to another. Today, the usage of stairs have expanded and are used as a place to sit, rest, view the surroundings and the movement of people passing by - a space that carries daily activities. Those qualities reinforced the idea to use the staircase as a pavilion - a reinterpretation of space and time.

With its inviting and explicit spatiality the pavilion challenges and encourages people to move, as well explore the space and invite users to see the world from another perspective. Designed as a circular staircase rising 2.5m above the ground, it gives the impression of being free-floating.

The pavilion has a duality characteristic emphasizing the relations between landscape and architecture, the past and the present, spectators and users of the space. The duality is manifested through the materials, the effect of illusion and usage of space, to maximize the interaction with the users and the surroundings.

Holte, Denmark


Gl. Holtegaard

Camila Andrade Buschle
Teresa Fernandez

70 m2

1st prize, open competition (2017)
Completed (2017)

Rudersdal Architectural Award 2017


Photo credits: Astrid Maria Busse Rasmussen, Bjørn Pierri Enevoldsen