Scenery Pavilion

The vision for Sceneri has been to create a multifunctional pavilion that maximizes the interaction with the users and the surroundings. Based on Gl. Holtegaard's historical heritage and in interaction with the baroque garden, Sceneri is designed as a staircase that gives visitors new experiences. Sceneri is a reinterpretation of the baroque staircase, which through its inviting spaciousness encourages people to move, explore space and see the world from a different perspective. Designed as a rounded double staircase that rises 2.5 meters from the ground, the staircase gives the impression of floating freely. The staircase's directionless and flexible space encourages diverse use of the staircase - a place for play, socializing, performances and experiencing the garden from above.

The pavilion is characterized by its duality, which emphasizes the relationship between landscape and architecture, past and present, spectators and users of the stairs. The duality is manifested through materials and the effect of the illusion, which creates a different perception of space and entrance. As you move around the pavilion, the shape and materials change your scenery and perspective of the space. The red side stands out, while the reflective side disappears into the landscape.

Holte, Denmark


Gl. Holtegaard

Camila Andrade Buschle, Teresa Fernandez

70 m2

1st prize, open competition (2017)
Completed (2017)

Rudersdal Architectural Award 2017


Photo credits: Astrid Maria Busse Rasmussen, Bjørn Pierri Enevoldsen