Payerne School

The vision for the new vocational school in Payerne is to be a green learning environment with blurred boundaries between indoors and outdoors. With its location on a green plot bordered by an alley of trees along the Promenade de la Maladaire, it provides a unique opportunity to create a climate-friendly school that preserve the green identity of the place and enriches the whole area. With great respect for the surrounding landscape and buildings, the school is divided into three smaller blocks that are adapted to the site, the topography and the height of the neighboring buildings. The building is placed towards the north to create a large green climate schoolyard towards the south and by the main entrance for students and citizens to meet. The building is set back from the promenade to create a green landscape that reinforces the promenade with visual and spatial connections to the school. An organic path network is guiding the users to the different entrances and naturally extend into the building. From all entrances you have strong visual connections to the green courtyards inside the school.

The proposal seeks to enrich the user’s day-to-day experiences by placing nature at the center of the school. On all floors the students have access to generous green courtyards and roof terraces, that diversify the use of learning spaces, bring daylight to the center of the school and encourage students to move easily in between inside and outside. The building is organized with all larger and public programs on the ground floor and with learning and teaching spaces on the upper floors. The multifunctional building is optimally organized to create a unifying environment that supports cross-disciplinary work and good connections for the students, teachers and administration. The flexible and versatile organization of the learning spaces with movable walls support many different learning situations, collaborative work and the community. The school’s tactile and warm wooden interior, views of the green environment, good acoustics and natural daylight help to create the best environment for learning, creativity and well-being.

Payerne, Switzerland

Vocational school

The State of Vaud

Mariana Barbieri Cardoso (Architect)
Ullaland (Landscape architect)
IngeWood (Structural engineer)
az ingénieurs (MEP engineer)

15.900 m2

5th prize, open competition (2023)