King’s Garden Pavilion

The proposal for a pavilion in the King’s garden is influenced by the history of the garden, geometric forms and functions as a central meeting place in Copenhagen. The Pavilion is designed as a circle, a unified element, to support the geometric dialogue and challenge the old with the new one.

The wooden pavilion creates a unique environment for users in the summertime in Copenhagen and forms a natural gathering point in the park. The organic profile of the pavilion encourage visitors to sit, play, walk, lay down and relax. The large furniture pavillion combines wood structure and functionality, displaying its beautiful organic shapes and inviting users to interact with it. A walk around the pavilion shows the smooth movements of the construction, creating an inviting space for locals, tourists and performances.

The ring was created with a sustainable mindset. The strategy used to create the pavilion was to reuse the surplus tree from the top surface to build the vertical and bottom element. All frames can easily be separated and reused after the pavilion’s life-cycle ends.

Copenhagen, Denmark


Danish Association of Architects

Camila Andrade Buschle
Teresa Fernandez

25 m2

3rd prize, open competition (2015)