Hauts de Dorigny School and Kindergarten

The Hauts de Dorigny School and Kindergarten aims to create an inclusive and inspiring learning environment harmonizing with nature and the surrounding landscape. Situated at the end of a green park, the multifunctional building with its green public spaces, enrich the entire neighborhood while also establishing a distinct world for its students. The public ground floors, promotes pedestrian connections and permeability to the park.

The school features a square shape with an open courtyard, providing both privacy and a connection to the local environment. This design choice allows for natural daylight from multiple directions and facilitates a rational arrangement of classrooms and circulation. The building revolves around an inner courtyard, which serves as a hub for school activities and a community space for residents. The top floor, accessible only to students and staff, symbolizes growth and exploration within a "tree of knowledge," offering a secluded space among the park's treetops.

The multifunctional school layout aims to create an active and social center, complemented by quiet spaces along the perimeter for focused learning. Active areas, like the entrance hall, sports hall, and canteen, surround the inner courtyard, promoting visual connectivity and a dynamic learning environment. Double and triple-height spaces on the ground floor offer panoramic views of the landscape. The design emphasizes transparency to foster a sense of community, crucial for young children in a new school. Quiet zones along the perimeter accommodate classrooms, kindergartens, and teachers' spaces, facing the park for tranquility and can be enclosed for focused learning when necessary.

Overall, the design aligns with the neighborhood's scale and expression, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere conducive to learning and community engagement. The school design specifically emphasizes sustainable materials such as locally sourced timber and recycled materials, aiming to reduce environmental impact and ensure long-term durability.

Lausanne, Switzerland

School and kindergarten

Commune de. Chavannes-près-Renens

Rebecka Blomqvist (Architect)
Lüchinger+Meyer (Structural and facade engineer)

5.800 m2

Competition proposal (2023)