Brunnsparken Café Pavilion

The new café pavilion is an inviting meeting space that greets visitors to Brunnsparken, an urban park surrounded by large buildings and busy streets in the heart of Gothenburg. The vision is for the city park pavilion to be a sheltered and safe space that enriches the use of the park all year around, functions as a natural place to gather in the neighbourhood and enhance the park's biodiversity by providing a sanctuary for bees and butterflies—a rare sight in large cities.

Situated on the edge between the green park and the bustling city, the pavilion functions as a mediator between the two. The elevated roof along the street side creates a natural transition to the nearby buildings without overshadowing the outdoor dining area in the park. The slanted brick roof has a long lifespan and harmonizes with the yellow tones of the surrounding buildings. The selection of materials emphasizes the use of biodegradable and recyclable elements that age naturally while minimizing the building's carbon footprint. The detailed wooden façade offers a warm and tactile surface for visitors to sit and relax. Drawing inspiration from the park's tall trees, the prominent column structure creates intimate niches, where visitors can enjoy a cup of coffee or await the tram's arrival. The pavilion's eastern facade showcases insect hotels, thoughtfully integrated into the architectural design in a vertical pattern.

Gothenburg, Sweden

Café pavilion

Gothenburg City

Rebecka Blomqvist

25 m2

Competition entry (2022)