Fors Arkitekter is an architecture studio driven by the desire to bring nature, buildings and people together in a higher unity.

Future developments need more synergy; between the city and the countryside, between the built and the natural, between the outside and the inside, between the past and the present, between the users and the place.

We want to dissolve the boundaries between disciplines and work with architecture and landscape across scales in an integrated practise from the start.

We believe that we can create more synergy in architecture by bringing nature into the building and buildings out in nature.

Through an open dialogue, interdisciplinary collaborations and an exploratory design process, we work to create more synergy and cohesion

Together we create generous buildings and landscapes that move us, embrace us and invite us to experience the world from a different perspective.

With our architecture, we want to encourage an increased understanding, commitment and  connectedness to our surroundings and each other.

We see architecture, landscape and users as one - with no beginning or end.