Maatullin School

‘The Forest Glade’ is a warm and inviting place for learning, surrounded by lush and inspiring nature. With great respect for its surroundings, the proposal shows an urban forest school between Tapulikaupunki’s public spaces and parks.

The proposal seeks to enrich and strengthen the unique character of the area by preserving existing trees, creating more green recreational areas and extending the paths to create better accessibility for pedestrians and cyclists. The sustainable wooden building fits naturally in the park area, and has a low carbon footprint.

The building is divided into a village of smaller blocks around a circular green courtyard - The Metsäaukio. The small blocks bring a human scale and helps even the youngest learners to feel at home.

‘The Forest Glade’ is the heart of the community and invites children and residents to gather, learn and participate in events in a green environment. The direct connection to nature has proven benefits for both learning and well-being.

Helsinki, Finland

School and kindergarten

Helsinki Municipality

Rebecka Blomqvist

9.800 m2

1st prize, two-phased competition
Construction starts 2022